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Is our primary concern

Both our boats are spacious and comfortable. Each is purpose built for wildlife viewing with heated cabins and multiple viewing decks. In keeping with our ethical wildlife viewing policies both have the ability to quietly navigate our waters, minimizing our impact on the whales and the natural behaviour of other marine mammals. They are Transport Canada Inspected, meeting or exceeding all requirements for passenger safety


The Lukwa was built from aluminum in 1989. The name Lukwa comes from the Kwakwala language and means 'a place in the forest.' This spacious vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 46 passengers. The Luwka is 18 metres (60 feet) long and has two large heated cabins, three viewing decks, plenty of space for guests to safely walk around the vessel and two on-board lavatories. Another special feature is an on-board hydrophone that enables passengers to listen to the different calls and navigational sounds generated by the killer whales you encounter.


The Kuluta was added to the fleet in 2013. The 40' (12.2 meter) catamaran has three viewing decks, an on-board washroom and comfortable seating in the main cabin. Guests on all our tours will enjoy listening to whales and dolphins with the hydrophone (underwater microphone) which is connected to the stereo system.

We carry lifejackets for all passengers and for children of all sizes on both boats. We also offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cold drinks and snacks for purchase on board using "the honour system".


On board the Lukwa or Kuluta our experienced Captains and their crew will keep you comfortable and safe, while our naturalists keep you informed and engaged with the wildlife you encounter during your tour.

This team of passionate professionals work together to ensure that every guest on board has a meaningful, memorable and remarkable experience while out on the water.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.