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As leaders in ethical wildlife viewing and conservation we respect and participate in the ongoing research and conservation through support of several local and provincial programs including Killer Whale Adoption Program, OrcaLab, Cetacean Sightings Network, Marine Education and Research Society, North island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association, Whale Intrepretive Centre, SOS Marine Conservation Foundation, Marine Mammal Response Network, conservation efforts of the local dive club and a local environmental stewardship bursary.

At the end of each trip our naturalists review the wildlife sightings and the photographs that they have taken. They carefully document and forward any images of unusual behaviour or whales that they were not able to immediately identify as known members of any one of the orca populations or humpbacks that frequent our area to the appropriate organisation.

A sightings report is posted daily, so that our past and future guests can look and see what sort of activity we have been enjoying. People often look at past reports to help them decide when they should book.